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Fundraising Efforts

Are you looking for a way to help? The #1 way to help right now is to Donate to our organization. As an organization seeking 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS as a public charity, we need YOUR support. The following areas are ways that we seek donations and financial support.

- Public Support
- Tiered support options for recurring donations:
- $10,000 - Provide a full sponsorship to a birthing parent each year
- $6,000 - Provide supplemental income for maternity leave to a birthing parent each year
- $1,200 - Provide a doula to a birthing parent and infant each year
- $300 - 1 week of healthy groceries for a postpartum birther
- $150 - Appointment Day sponsorship
- $50 - cost of transportation to and from appointment

- Fundraising platforms such as Amazon Smile, Facebook Donation, Brightfunds upon obtaining charity designation
- Social Media Platform marketing
- Non-event based fundraising
- Angel Donations
- Grants

Fundraising Efforts
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