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We offer prenatal, labor and delivery (L&D), and postpartum support through 18 months postpartum via sponsorship. To provide professional services, we seek out Black-owned/led businesses and organizations in the communities we serve who already offer these services and partner with them by providing fundraising support, financial coverage for sponsorship services, and any support where our missions align. We do not want to divide any resources going towards the same goal. We will be better together.

Prenatal & Labor and Delivery Support:
- Supplemental income for medically required bed rest and modified bed rest up to one month ($2,000 if needed)
- Supplemental income on the day of the appointment (up to $100 per day up to 10 appointments)
- Transportation to visits and appointments ($50 or cost of fuel up to 10 appointments)
- Child Birthing Class arrangement
- Newborn and Breastfeeding classes
- Local support group with other expecting birthing parents
- Prenatal anxiety and depression support
- Doula - prenatal, delivery, and postpartum (ranges from $900-2,300 depending on care)

Postpartum Support:
- Supplemental income for up to 3 months of maternity leave from work ($2,000 per month = $6,000 total)
- Postpartum/new baby kit ($150)
- Home visits from nurse/APN and Lactation consultant (Family Connects Durham)
- 2 weeks of grocery deliveries ($300 per week)
- Postpartum anxiety and depression support
- Family planning assistance

Essential Family Items
We provide sponsorship to cover the cost of essential family items up to $700. Items include:
- Crib, Mattress, and Linens ($300)
- Carseat & Stroller ($200)
- Basic clothing ($100)
- Bottles, Pacifier, diapers ($100)
- Breast Pump ($200)
- Prenatal vitamins needed while pregnant and nursing ($180)

- Prepaid cell phone for one year ($540) or matching cost on an existing wireless plan up to $540

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