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What We Do

We save lives!


We are tackling maternal and infant mortality by helping those who are disproportionately impacted - Black moms, birthing people and their infants.


We are taking the unprecedented approach of supplementing income in the absence of paid parental leave and covering the cost of essential services and support.


We are doing this through fundraising and intentional partnership.  Our Direct Service Partners are BIPOC-led grassroots organizations who already serve our target population.

Why Another Non-Profit?

Equity Before Birth is a nonprofit tackling birth inequity through an unprecedented approach of Sponsorship, Partnership, and Fundraising. Read more to see how we are different.


We offer prenatal, labor and delivery (L&D), and postpartum support through 18 months postpartum via sponsorship. To provide professional services, we seek out Black-owned/led businesses and organizations in the communities we serve that already provide these services and partner with them by providing fundraising support, financial coverage for sponsorship services, and any support where our missions align. We do not want to divide any resources going towards the same goal. We will be better together. Read more to dive down into all of the services we sponsor.

Fundraising Efforts

Are you looking for a way to help? The #1 way to help right now is to Donate to our organization. As an organization seeking 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS as a public charity, we need YOUR support. Read more to see the other ways that we raise money.


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